This article written by Prof. Burhanettin Duran can be very interesting for those who are dealing with Turkish foreign policy relations with both the big powers like the US and Russia and regional powers like the EU and NATO.

There is a changing balance of power in the international arena and a rise of competing blocs. The emerging powers such as Turkey has once again made the extent the national interests shape foreign policies clear.

As known, there are some schools of thought in Int’l Relations Theory discipline. Realism which sees the state as the main actor in world politics argues that states behave in an interest-driven way. I agree with what Realist IR theory says. States are engaged in maximizing their national interests and this is inevitable in world politics.

This article argues that Turkey’s foreign policy decisions are fueled by interests, not by ideology. This is true as the state (official) ideologies in the contemporary world has become fluid and almost evaporating.

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