Today is the 565. anniversary of the conquest of Istanbul. On 29 May, 1453 Fatih Sultan Mehmet Han, the 7th Sultan of the Ottoman Empire conquered Istanbul with the brave Army of Ottoman Turks. Many historians consider the conquest of the Ancient Roman city Constantinople marking the end of the Middle ages and the beginning of Europe’s modern era.

565 years ago today, the Turks captured the “Queen of the Cities” and this dissolved the Byzantine Empire.

Mehmet the Conquerer

Mehmet II was born in 1432. Mehmet II had a deep education from different tutors. In addition to getting religion-based education, he also got Western education. This paved the way for the Sultan to have a multi-cultural character. The Sultan knew Greek, Italian and the Latin language besides Arabic.He was also interested in art as well.

Before conquering Istanbul at the age of 21, Mehmet II had broken new ground in State affairs. He empowered the Ottoman navy and gained full control of the Straits. While getting engaged in an unrelenting struggle, Fatih Sultan Mehmet sent an ambassador to Constantinople and offered to end the siege if they gave him the city. He promised to allow the Emperor and the inhabitants to leave with their possesions. Nonetheless, the Emperor refused to hand the city over.

Every morning, the Turks performed their prayers and struggled bravely. After a hard battle, Istanbul was conquered. After the conquest, the Greek Orthodox Church was allowed to remain intact and the Hagia Sophia was converted into mosque.When Muslims conquer a city, as a religious duty they have to perform prayers together on the first Friday, in line with the law of the war, Hagia Sophia was converted into mosque.

The conquest of Constantinople is more than an ordinary fall of a city. Muslims exerted great effort to conquer Constantinople since the time of Caliph Muawiyah. Istanbul, according to Napeleon could be the capital city if the earth was a single state.




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