Yesterday, Turkey’s parliamentary and presidential elections were held. Over 56.000 registered voters voted and there were 180.065 ballot boxes across the country. According to the Supreme Election Council (YSK) more than 1600.000 people voted for the first time. It is also known that the Syrian people given Turkish citizenship voted in the elections as well. Yesterday, for the first time in Turkish elections, the elderly, sick and people with disabilities voted at home with mobile polling stations.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan received 52.6 per cent of the votes while Muharrem İnce got 30.8 of the votes. State news agency Anadolu said the AK Party itself had 43 % of the votes giving it 293 seats. Its partner the MHP had 11 % and 50 seats.

Shortly, results can be stated as the following reported by Anadolu News Agency:

AK Party 42 %

CHP 23 %

MHP 11 %

HDP 12 %

Finally it is to be noted that, the pro-Kurdish HDP has exceeded the 10 % threshold needed to enter the parliament and with 67 seats it will form the chamber’s second largest opposition faction.

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