Bülent Ecevit died at the age of 81 on November 5 in 2006. Bülent Ecevit started his political career in the Republican People’s Party. He then became the leader of Democratic Left Party in 1987. In addition to Ecevit’s political career, his talent in poetry is also well-known. Ecevit studied Middle Eastern politics in the University of Harvard when Henry Kissinger had been the rector of the university.

Bülent Ecevit was elected as the head of the Republican People’s Party in 1972. One of the milestones in his political life is the Cyprus Peace Operation that was carried out in 1974. On the other hand, the late 1970s in Turkey witnessed violence and political crisis and social clashes. Ecevit after the coup d’etat in 1980 was put behind bars for three times.

In the elections held in 2002, his party Democratic Left Party could not pass the threshold and after that Ecevit declared that he would put an end to his political life. Bülent Ecevit had been known as a very honest political figure. Besides that, he published many books on politics and he also published poetry books as well.

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  1. Only a fool would have coined the Turkish brutal of invasion of Cyprus (1974) which caused so much death, pain, displacement and destruction a “peace operation.”

    1. Thanks for your comment despite its strict style… History does not change but it is open to all kind of manipulation and rhetorical abuse for political purposes, most of the time the politicians use history as a tool to demonize the “other” and empower the national belonging feelings. We all know that the 1915 Armenian deportations are seen as some kind of genocide by some people or the Khojaly massacre in 1992 is evaluated differently by Azeris and Armenians… The operation in 1974 is a peace operation for Turks but it is natural for you not to agree with that.

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