Today, a high-profile ceremony will be held at Anıtkabir. 80 years have passed since we said ‘Goodbye’ to the founding leader of modern Turkey, Ataturk. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk in the opening speech of İzmir Finance Congress stated that “no matter how important the military victories are they do not work unless there also exist financial victories.”

Between the years of 1936 and 1937, Ataturk opened 19 big factories and 8 national banks. These institutions had been founded without any foreign aid. Ataturk besides his military reasoning had an important political reasoning as well. The political reforms like the abolishment of the Sultanate (1 November 1922) ,the declaration of the Republic (29 October 1923) and the abolishment of Caliphate (3 March 1924) had shaped the destiny of modern Turkey.

On the other hand, he attached a significant degree of value to the role of women both in political and social life. The women had gained significant political rights at the time-being. Apart from that, in terms of foreign policy, Ataturk had adopted a peaceful but also an independent line in the international arena.

In terms of the relationship between politics and religion, the principle of secularism that he put forward has played an irreplaceable role in the empowerment of democracy and religious freedom. Ataturk gave his great Speech on 15-20 October in 1927. On 10 November 1938 at 9.05 in the morning, in Istanbul, Dolmabahce Palace, he died of the liver ailment he was suffering from.

All of us, as the citizens of Turkish Republic should learn the life and actions of Ataturk. We should internalize the principles he put forward…In order to achieve this, we should firstly read the Speech (Nutuk). Also, the books of Şevket Süreyya Aydemir and Falih Rıfkı Atay are also valuable resources.

Lastly, I should underline that, no matter how many years have passed we all owe a debt of gratittude to the great leader Ataturk. He is not only the leader of us but he is also a great leader in world politics.

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