Yesterday was the anniversary of the Sufi scholar Mehmet Zahid Kotku’s death. Mehmet Zahid Kotku, one of the most influential Islamic scholars died on November 13 in 1980. His surname meaning “humble” can be seen as the summary of his life battle. Mehmet Zahid Kotku was born in Bursa and lost his mother at the age of 3, when he was 32 years old, his father passed away as well. Kotku had served in the Army for six years and he faced really hard times like hunger and illnesses.

It is known that after a Friday prayer that he practiced in the Mosque of Hagia Sophia, Kotku had begun to take religious lessons under the supervision of a famous Sufi leader of the time-being.

Mehmet Zahid Kotku had frequently repeated the Hadith of Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon Him) telling that “The one who has nothing related to Quran on his mind and in his heart is similar to a house in ruins.” Kotku defended the view that Islamic education must be right among the people, Islamic scholars according to him should not be isolated from other people.

Many people believe that Kotku’s work has served Islam in a very effective way.This still countinues… Kotku’s teachings have been seen similar to the university teaching and his style of teaching had been also based on rational basis as well.

Important figures in Turkish history like Turgut Özal, Necmettin Erbakan and Sabahattin Zaim had been among Kotku’s students. Kotku had written many books about religion, ethics, family life and the Prophet Muhammed (pbuh). He has been one of the leading figures in Turkish religious and sufistic life.

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