The work of teachers and their contributions to the society are incredibly innumerable. It is known that, since 1994, many countries celebrate Teachers’ Day on the 5th day of October with the recommendation of UNESCO.

In Turkey this special day is celebrated on November 24.

After the foundation of modern Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

The Head Teacher….

as the pioneering leader has engaged in making some radical reforms in economic, cultural and social fields. In addition to that, education has been one of the critical areas that Ataturk has shaped while building a nation-state that is secular and modern.

In the early days of November in 1928, the new alphabet was adopted and both Ataturk and the Turkish teachers had worked enthusiastically to make the wide masses learn this new language…

On November 24, 1928 the Nation Schools were founded and the children and elderly people -no matter how old they had been – learnt the new modern letters. With the inception of the Nation Schools, Ataturk had been entitled as the “HeadTeacher” (Baş Öğretmen).

The work of teachers and their contributions to the society are incredibly innumerable as said above. As known ,the famous thinker L. Althusser views schools as one of the idelogical state apparatuses that the state uses to make the people internalize official ideology. So, it can be argued that teachers play a significant role in making society not just educated but also they serve the aims of state.

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