Two days ago, on November 28, a large concrete block fell during the construction of a highway viaduct in northwest region of Turkey, killing three workers. The accident occurred near the town of Gebze, in Kocaeli province, during the construction of the North Marmara Highway.
With the collapse of the concrete block, the workers working at a 30-meter height fell from the viaduct and lost their lives… Such occupational-work accidents unfortunately do not happen seldomly in my country. It can be said that, the society is almost accustomed to such accidents. The mine explosion in Soma for example had been a major work accident causing the death of many workers.
In fact, the main motivation for me behind writing this blog piece is to draw attention to the pathological understanding in Turkish “media freedom” or “media enslavement” and the lack of judicial independence. The concrete block collapse happened on Wednesday refers to such an “media enslavement” and lack of judicial independence. The news telling the Kocaeli accident has been banned. Well; I will put an end to my blog piece through underlining two points:
  1. Why such a ban is needed…
  2. Why not the RTUK (The High Council of Radio and TV) but the criminal court of peace bans the news broadcast…
These undermine democracy, because under such a ban, the accountability principle for the decision-makers (politicians) is harmed. This erodes democracy and media freedom. Media can be seen as a fourth estate (4th pillar of democracy). Moreover, the judicial independence gets harmed.
So I am wondering if such broadcast bans also occur in Europe or not… Or what about the job security acts in European countries? Maybe, I might write another piece about such topics later…
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