Yesterday was the 130th anniversary of Namık Kemal’s death. Namık Kemal in full Mehmed Namık Kemal was born in Tekirdağ in 1840 and he had been one of the pioneering figures of Young Ottomans. The Young Ottomans had been a secret nationalist organization formed in 1865. This group called for the creation of a constitutional government.

Namık Kemal had been a leading figure of Turkish nationalism. He had been educated privately and could write in Persian, Arabic and French. Kemal had worked as a journalist, writer and poet in addition to his political career. He had translated works of Victor Hugo and J. J. Rousseau.

His work called “Vatan yahut Silistre” (The Homeland or Silistra) had been one of his most popular works. His works had been based on the love of homeland. Also religion had an important role in Namık Kemal’s worldview.

Namık Kemal had written articles against the Sultan Abdulhamit II and had been sentenced to 6 months of imprisonment but then he became acquitted.Kemal had taken important steps in the Young Ottoman (Genç Osmanlılar) movement with the aim of establishing a constitutional government… His works are valauble for both history, literature and government affairs.



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