Today is the 104 th anniversary of Sarikamish Operation.

Turkish Homeland was not established in an easy way or in a short period of time. Through the ashes of the Ottoman Republic, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and his associates have struggled a lot to form modern Turkey with scarce resources and a tired population. However the faith and the hopes of Turkish nation have never been weak.

World War I had been a really hard battle for Ottoman-Turkish Army. The Battle of Sarikamish was an engagement between the Russian and the Ottoman soldiers and it took place between December 22 1914 and January 17, 1915.

If we have a look at the events going to Sarikamis Incident, we can say that the Command of Enver Pasha was a real disaster, Enver Pasha took the command of the 3rd Army in December 18, 1914. Only after a couple of days, the battle of Sarikamish in the region of Kars had broken out. In the Battle of Sarikamish, the Armenian troops had fought alongside the Russians.

According to the Turkish records, the loss of Ottoman soldiers had been 60.000 while the loss of the Russian side had been 30.000. The most dramatic part of the war has been the truth that, many Ottoman soldiers had died not because of bullets but because of cold weather conditions.

The Sarikamish Battle is a good example revealing the fact that every corner of our hoemland is much more sacred than ever imagined.

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