Her name was Ceren Damar Şenel (1994-2018). Ceren Damar worked as a research assistant at the department of law in Çankaya University. Ceren was killed by one of the students in the university in her own office. Many of the analyses and reactions relating with the crime had focused on the lack of security checks in the university entrances.

I think nothing can explain such a wave of violence. Impunity or the biased news on the social media? Whatever the explanation may be, the shadow of the murder of a young and successful academic will keep haunting us, because this is a really major social trauma and wound.

Well, who really killed Ceren Damar? The administration which ignored the necessary steps about security, the patriarchal system, the education system… etc? Ceren was murdered by a student who was cheating in the exam. But this murder cannot be explained just as a murder carried out by a “lazy” student. In fact, everyone is afraid of such people while walking outside or making shopping or driving but no one can label anyone easily and this is quite normal in Turkey.

Finally, I want to put an end to my blog piece with the words of Ceren’s husband. Her husband introduced her wife Ceren as a martyr of education in the funeral ceremony and he asked the young people to be a good person first before becoming a good engineer or lawyer or a doctor. I hope that through being good we may save other Cerens.

Rest in peace Ceren!

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