Leftwingers in Germany commemorate the 100th anniversary of murder of the communist writer and thinker Rosa Luxemburg.

Two days ago, it was the death anniversary of Rosa Luxemburg (1871-1919). Rosa Luxemburg is known as a Marxist thinker and a revolutionist. After getting married and moving to Germany, Luxemburg’s ideas had got a major impact upon the socialist circles throughout Europe.

Luxemburg had been put behind the bars for three times, she had written many articles in prison. Rosa Luxemburg had fought against capitalism for many years. She is considered a great orator and a prolific writer, supported by her leftwing supporters due to her opposition to the first world war and her fight for the rights of the working class.

It should be noted that, Luxemburg’s understanding of socialist democracy is not the same thing at all as what is represented by present-day social democracy. However, she insistently underlined the importance of organized socialist consensus in bringing the social revolution.

Finally, it should be said that, Luxemburg had been a part of a mass working-class movement and had a global impact. Her books, articles and pamphlets influenced many circles.

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