The Hugo Chaves adiministration had been the golden years of Venezuela. Iti s known that, the rule of Hugo Chaves had been subjected to many military coup attempts because Chaves did not welcome foreign companies and he made the natural resources gain national identity. Chaves had the support of poor majority and the US-backed coup attempts could not get successful in that era.


After 2014, the petroleum prices have begun to fall and this development had paved the way for economic instability and crisis and finally it caused social unrest. Maduros rule has been eroded because of that financial crisis and social unrest. The US has supported Maduros’ rival Guiado in the crisis. In an absurd way, like appointing a governer for a province Trump has declared Guiado as the new president of Venezuela.


The EU, France, Spain, United Kingdom and many Latin American countries (except Mexico) has taken their position beside Trump. Turkey, Russia, Greece and China have supported Maduros rule in that process. The crisis is still going on.


In Venezuelan crisis, the so-called democratic countries like the US or EU member countries break the rules of international law. The sovereignty principle is not respcted by them as they interfere into the internal politics of Venezuela.


In my opinion, Maduros can be criticized for a variety of reasons, he perhaps could not manage the crisis in a rational way, in economic terms Maduros has been unsuccessful as a global trend in the decrease of petrolem prices has come into-being. The point is that, no matter how unhappy the masses are with the political authority or the financial system, if there is no violent social uprisings in streets, some other external actor (like the US) cannot have a sayi in domestic politics. Trump has adopted a discourse defending democracy but the steps he took in that process is not legitimate at all. Trump is intending to build a puppet regime in Venezuela and he aims to abuse the natural resources there more and more… I hope the following days will see the softening of the social tension.

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