The anatomy of Brexit



In the previous day, the British Parliament accepted the proposal regarding the blockage of disagreed Brexit. The proposal has not got a mandatory effect on the government but it is expected that it can put some pressure on the government. The issue of Brexit has been a hotly-debated topic in recent days. The reflections of the Brexit process on the political and economic conjucture of world affairs are important for not just EU members but for almost all other countries.


“Brexit” means the process of United Kingdom’s abandonment of her EU membership. (The abbreviation of Britain & Exit ) If the process goes on and the UK leaves the EU, that would be a first experience for world history revealing a member of the union leaving the institution. The UK in June 2016 had a referendum through which the people voted for leaving the EU. It is expected that the membership of UK will end in March 2019.


The people defending Brexit argue that the migration problem will be solved as a result of the process. The opposition party, the Worker Party opposes against Brexit and the opposition party members are looking for the ways to make the Theresa May government fall. According to prime minister May, if Brexit does not come into-being, that will be a serious blow for democracy. On the other hand, the media argues that May has lost the control of Brexit process.


The United Kingdom did not pass through an easy process while becoming a part of European Community (former EU) in 1973. France had voted against UK for two times. I think today, the history repeats itself: The UK had hardly become a part of EU and it seems that it will hardly leave the union.

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