The reactions against the terrorist attack in New Zealand are going on around the world. I think everyone Muslim or not or even disbeliever should raise her voice against this horrible attack. 50 people passed away in New Zealand during prayer. This is not the first terrorist attack against Muslims but it is quite interesting that the big media outlets in the West prefer to present the news about the attacks exercised against Non-Muslims. A considerable amount of anti-Islamic trend has been on the rise in Europe.

The Western countries with their so-called democratic regimes have been witnessing the rise of fascism and rightist trends for a couple of decades. The rise of Islamophobia and the stigmatizing media representations in the West play a key role in the outbreak of terror movements against Muslim people.

After September 11, Islam has been represented as a religion of separatist ideology and the existence of terrorist organizations like Al-Qaeda or Daesh have been instrumentalized by both the political elites and big media outlets in order to dehumanize the Muslim people.

Since the early 2000s, there have been over 200 attacks against mosques in the West. A few years ago, 3 mosques were sabotaged in Sweden. We all know that not only in Europe but also in Palestine, extremist rightist people attack mosques. In order to block the rise of Islamophobia, all the Muslims must unite against Western hypocrisy. They should also represent Islam well.

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