In the elections held last Sunday, the ruling party AKP has lost control of the capital Ankara which can be seen as a serious blow to the party’s 16-year rule.In parallel to that, the opposition party’s Ekrem İmamoğlu is slightly ahead in the contest for mayor of Istanbul . As known, the ruling party does not accept the results in both major cities.


The local elections have been held during an economic crisis which also paved the way for the emergence of the blow to AKP. However, according to AKP, not the economic crisis or the problems like unemployment paved the way for such results in the elections, according to AKP, invalid votes and some irregularities in the polling stations caused such results.


More than 55 million people were registered to vote for the municipal elections. Mansur Yavaş, the candidate of the main opposition party has become the new mayor of Ankara. For Istanbul, AKP declared that its candidate Binali Yıldırım was ahead by 6000 votes. This issue still is a bit controversial but even the AKP circles implicitly accept İmamoğlu’s victory.


The third largest city İzmir went to CHP as well. According to the electoral figures, President Erdoğan’s setbacks deepened as a result of the loss of big cities. As a sui generis anomaly of these elections, despite the results, the ruling party still do not accept them as the “official” results but implicitly they accept it.


We all know that, local elections are very important for democracy as the parties build their base at grassroots level, Erdoğan himself gained power after being the mayor of Istanbul.


2019 local elections were the first elections after last year’s presidential elections, last year Erdoğan slightly won the elections. I hope Turkey will become a more democratic and secure place for all the citizens in the future.

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