Maybe, the title of my blog piece seems a bit tricky and thought-provoking. Of course, I do not mean that, in today’s world, mothers lose their intrinsic values because of integrating into the capitalist order.I aim to argue that, wild capitalism exploits motherhood through commercialization…

With its inception, Mother’s Day was intended to be a day for women across the world to move together in opposing war and promoting peace. The women who first celebrated Mother’s Day conceived of it as an occasion to use their status as mothers to protest injustice and wars.

Where does capitalism stand in this process? We know that, almost for all the human history, the family was the unit of economic production. Along with the fathers, the mothers also worked for example in the farms to contribute to income.

With the introduction of capitalism, the production got out of the house and took its place in the factory. So, the women had to work not only for their family in the house but they also had to work outside for economic purposes. According to me, the household is not considered as “real work” in many societies; so it is unnoticed and unappreciated.


I think, a critical question on this day to pose is that: On Mothers’ Day, are we honoring mothers or consumerism (capitalist regime) The maternal work in today’s world is systematically taken for granted and exploited. Capitalism relies upon the exploitation and unwaged labor of women through ‘glorifying’ the sacrifices of femininity and motherhood and naturalizing housework.


Unfortunately, Mother’s Day has turned into just another example of greedy capitalism, just another day to make a buck.



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