The signing of Lausanne Peace Treaty marks the end of the War of Independence. The Treaty was signed with France, Portugal, Bulgaria, Japan, Greece, Romania, Italy, Britain, Belgium and Yugoslavia in Switzerland.

The Treaty of Sevres (1920) had remained as a draft treaty and could never come into force. Finally, the Treaty of Lausanne put an end to the dreams of Western powers who wanted to share Turkish territories among themselves.

The Treaty of Lausanne determined the borders between Syria and Turkey. Also the decisions regarding the borders between Turkey- Iraq and Turkey-Greece were reached despite being not the final decision. It is also known that, capitulations were abolished after Lausanne. In terms of the minority issue, the Lausanne Peace Treaty defined the minorities those people who do not have Muslim identity.

As a summary, it can be said that, the Lausanne Treaty had important outcomes. Turkey recognized the loss of its Arab provinces. The European powers no longer demanded capitulation also there were to be no war reparations. The Greeks lost their zone around İzmir. Turkish control over Mosul in Iraq and Alexandretta in Syria remained with the British and French respectively. Finally, the conference recognized Turkish sovereignty over the straits. In short, İsmet İnönü and his team achieved a big diplomatic success in Lausanne.



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