Happy Teachers’ Day!

Education plays a very important role for a country to grow. Whether it is economically or socially, or culturally, education is key for a country’s progress.


Tomorrow is Teachers’ Day. Education can be seen as a weapon to improve life. It can be viewed as the most important tool to change life. It is known that education for a child begins at home. It is a life long process and continues until death. The role of school and teachers is vital in developing human capacity in every aspect of life. For instance an educated person is expected to be better in voting or socializing. Education directly affects the chances of employment too. A highly educated person is probably very likely to get a good job.


Education plays a significant role in nation-building and building national identity. It helps establish a homogeneous society. There is a major literature on the role of education in nation-building.


In the field of political theory, the role of education has been often discussed. For example Marxist thinker Gramsci attaches an important role of “organic intellectuals” in a society. Althusser, another political theorist sees education institutions as one of the ideological state apparatuses through which the state elites can rule the public in a more effective way.


In terms of Teachers’ Day, in Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk on November 24 1928 got the title of the Head Teacher of Nation Schools. In 1981, Turkey has officially begun to celebrate Teachers’ Day on November 24.


Since 1994, World Teachers’ Day is celebrated annually with the introduction of UNESCO all over the world. World Teachers’ Day is celebrated in many countries with different dates.





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