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Migration: Conceptual Review

In my blog post today, I will attempt to analyze migration in theory and practice. My upcoming articles will be about theories of migration, the relationship between gender, food and identity and the role of cuisine in the interaction among migrants and host communuties. My blog series will cover a major literature on migration, gender… » read more

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RAND Report: What is new?

Last month, in the latest report published by RAND researchers, the key challenges confronting the U.S.-Turkish partnership over the coming years have been covered. The analysts recommend possible initiatives to sustain it during what is likely to be a turbulent era. The RAND report focuses on the political, social, and economic events that are changing… » read more

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The main theoretical discussions concerning nationalism highlight that nationalism is not just an ideology. It can be seen as an ideology, theory, and also as an approach. Indeed, there is no general or single school of thought to explain the social phenomena of nations, nationhood, and nationalism. A nation can be seen as a particular… » read more

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