The gory news about the murder of a young woman Pınar Gültekin (27) has deeply affected us. In fact, the murder of women has been a bleeding wound of Turkey, but this time the murder story has been shaped in a similar way to movies. As reported by Anadolu Agency (AA), the murderer Cemal A. confessed that he killed P. Gültekin, took her dead body to the woods in a barrel and buried her there.

According to Duvar English news portal the data shared by We Will Stop Femicides Platform reveals the extent of the problem, with at least 146 women killed in the first six months of 2020, 474 in 2019.

Back in 2015, Özgecan Aslan (1995-2015) a university student was murdered while resisting rape on a minibüs in Mersin.


Another women subjected to man violence is Berfin Öztek. On January 15, 2019, while Berfin Özek was going home Casim Çelik Özcan ( her ex boyfriend) threw acid derivative liquid on her and ran away. Berfin lost one eye and has visual impairment in her other eye. Her face and body also burned.


Another gory story is about Şule Çet. The murder of 23-year-old Sule Cet also caused widespread outrage. Şule Çet was raped in the office by two drunk men, one of them her boss, and then thrown out of the window of a high building.

The Monument Counter is an on line monument to commemorate women who lost their lives due to domestic violence in Turkey. It is also a counter that is updated every day. If you want to see more stories you can visit the web page




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