U.S. Elections 2020


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Will the United States of America be ruled by Republican politician Donald Trump or Democratic politician Joe Biden over the next four years?

Three days have passed since the elections started on 3 November. Who will be the new president of the country is not clear yet. So far, both of the candidates have not reached the quorum of 270 members in the Selection Committee. According to preliminary results, Biden is close to victory in the election race.

The outcome of the election will largely be determined by the ongoing vote counts in Nevada, Georgia, Arizona and Pennsylvania. In these critical states, the gap between candidates is narrowing in favor of Biden. Trump objected to the elections in the states of Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. So far, the decision Trump requested has not been issued from the courts.

The social media platforms have been following the U.S. elections closely. Twitter in the election process has announced that some of the tweets of Trump may contain incorrect information. Also, Facebook announced that it temporarily took additional measures due to the increase in disinformation in the accounts of some users while the vote count continues in the critical states.

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