I have launched a Youtube channel on Ottoman-Turkish History through which I present literature review and academic comments on Ottoman-Turkish History. I aim to reach to young scholars studying Turkish politics in particular.


One of my videos is on the following link:


Ottoman Political and Societal Structure – YouTube


My short biography


I am an Istanbul-based researcher. In 2015, I got my PhD degree. The main areas of my academic interest include Turkish Politics, Civil-Military Relations in Turkey, Secularism Discussions in Turkey, Discourse Analysis Methodology, Media-Politics Relations and Political Culture.

Between 2010 and 2015, during my occupation as a research assistant, I got engaged in short-term academic activities in Italy, United Kingdom, Bosnia and Spain. In 2018, I became one of the founding members of I currently write in my own blog in English and for some web sites besides writing columns regularly for two Turkish websites. Since May 2020, I am an associate researcher for IFEA.



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