Islam has been widely studied in both Turkish and Western academia. However most of the time Islam and its interaction with politics has been addressed.

Associate professor of Religion Dr. Philip Dorroll from Wofford College (USA) in his new book offers a new perspective about Turkish Islam from late Ottoman times up until modern days.


In his book titled Islamic Theology in the Turkish Republic, Dr. Dorroll uses a wide range of Turkish language theological sources not available in English and never before analyzed in English. This makes his book a unique one in the discipline.

Dr. Dorroll analyzes various late-Ottoman and modern Turkish theologians, such as İsmail Hakkı İzmirli, Sönmez Kutlu, Hidayet Şefkatli Tuksal, and Emine Öğük. His book covers how Turkish theologians have grappled with issues such as nationalism and democracy; gender and sexuality.


I made an interesting interview with Dr. Dorroll about his book and his article published on Public Orthodoxy evaluating paragraph 56 Social Ethos Document. I also asked him about the paper he presented in 2015 titled “Islam in the Turkish Republic: The Discourse and Praxis of Islamic Modernism” at the Institute of Turkish Studies at Georgetown University







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