Today I joined a lecture delivered on zoom. The lecture was organized by British Institute at Ankara (BIAA)


The British Institute at Ankara (BIAA) was founded in 1947 and incorporated in the 1956 cultural agreement between the Republic of Turkey and the United Kingdom. It is internationally renowned for conducting research in Turkey and the Black Sea region in the humanities and social sciences fields.

The lecture delivered by Dominick Chilcott (British Ambassador to Turkey) generally covered the following


“The strategic context of the UK’s relations with Turkey changed at the end of the Cold War in 1989 and again when the UK left the EU last year. After Brexit, the UK could no longer act as Turkey’s most sympathetic friend within the EU and enjoy privileged access in return in Ankara. Sir Dominick asks what Britain’s foreign policy priorities are likely to be now and how Turkey fits into this changed picture. Do the UK and Turkey still have enough in common to forge a genuine partnership that transcends transactional cooperation? What are the opportunities for the relationship with Turkey now that the UK is outside the EU? Does the UK’s new relationship with the EU provide a model for Turkey? To what extent does the fact that Turkey and Britain are two former imperial powers, situated like the EU’s north-west and south-east bookends, constitute common ground on which to build closer relations? And what role does geography play in determining the relationship between these two countries…..”


You can reach the videos of previous events on Youtube channel of BIAA



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